Abu Naser Khan

Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon

A skillful coalition builder, Abu Naser Khan is engaging social and intellectual leaders in developing new forms of citizen engagement to halt environmental degradation.

Aditya Natraj

Kaivalya Education Foundation

The 2009 Right to Education Act makes free elementary education the right of every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years in India. This is a historic milestone for the country and implementation...

Ajit Singh

Anant Learning and Development Pvt Ltd

Ajit Singh is building a effective and ethical skill development value chain in India to empower India's large youth demographic dividend to gain full economic citizenship.

Akkai Padmashali


Akkai Padmashali is an Indian transgender activist, motivational speaker, and singer. For her work in activism, she has received the Rajyotsava Prashasti, the second highest civilian honor of the...

Akshay Saxena

Avanti Learning Centers

To ensure students from low-income households have realistic access to higher education, Akshay Saxena is creating an affordable alternative to the expensive tuition classes that currently serve...

Amol Goje

Vidyaprathisthan Institute of Information Technology (VIIT)

Amol Goje is enabling rural communities in India to participate effectively in the new economy, driven by computers and rapid information exchange. By educating and equipping rural producers with...

Anant Sharma

Consumers Action & Network Society

In order to spread consumer awareness to rural areas, Anant Sharma plans to train and create a network of 1,000 local consumer consultants/activists in the villages and small towns of Rajasthan...

Ananya Raihan


Ananya Raihan is ushering in an era of information-on-demand in the rural areas of Bangladesh by building a network of locally-run kiosks that offer villagers access to everything from up-to-date...

Anindita Majumdar


Since India’s independence, the Panchayat system has served as the building block of local governance in villages. Despite the mandate that this body must elect women to half its seats, the role...

Anshu Gupta

GOONJ - A Voice, An Effort

Anshu K. Gupta is facilitating an economic bridge between urban, wealthy India and impoverished, rural India by simply sharing the surplus of wealth. Anshu is establishing a culture of sustained...

Anshul Tewari

Youth ki Awaaz

Recognising that the lack of participation of Indian youth in mainstream social discourse is the flip side of an opportunity waiting to happen, Anshul has created India’s first platform that...

Arbind Singh


Secure access to markets can bring many of the world’s informal workers out of poverty. Arbind Singh gives urban poor access to markets through large people-owned and managed institutions—large...

Arjun Venkatraman

Mojo Labs

Arjun is transforming communities in remote conflict areas from passive witnesses to proactive voices and forces that respond to the issues they are faced with, in their contexts. He is creating a...

Ashok Khosla

Development Alternatives Group

In 1983, Ashok set up Development Alternatives (DA), Ashok's vision for DA was to create an organization that would make good business out of delivering environmentally sound development....

Asim Sarode

HRLD (Human Rights and Law Defenders)

Asim Sarode envisions a “social-legal system” changing the power equations for victims and witnesses by building legal bridges to empathy and justice.

Ayyappa Masagi

Water literacy foundation

Ayyappa Masagi helps poor farmers improve their economic condition by teaching them to take charge of their water resources. Through his education programs, and by constructing physical structures...

Basit Jamal

Brotherhood of Humanity Trust

Leaders involved in negative politics repurpose religion from being a source of unconditional love to unconditional hate. This gives them quick leadership but makes the community never get out of...

Beena Chintalapuri


Dr. Beena is capacitating the Indian prison system to sustainably reduce recidivism and crime rates at a historical pace. Having institutionalized Unnati in all major prisons (over 11) of one...

Bezwada Wilson

Safai Karmachari Andolan

Bezwada Wilson is an Indian activist and one of the founders...

Biplab Ketan Paul


Biplab Paul has come up with a cost-effective and affordable solution to water scarcity that provides a reliable system of irrigation. In the rural areas of arid Gujarat, high saline soil creates...

Christopher Rego

The Sunbird Trust

Colonel Christopher Rego is a rare example in the northeast of india, especially Manipur, which has seen conflict and violence almost daily. On his retirement in 2016 from the army, he has built...

Debashish Nayak

Heritage Initiative - Nehru Foundation for Development

Debashish is developing a people's movement to preserve and restore the rich architectural heritage of India's widely varying neighborhoods. By helping people see what they have and then organize...

Deep Jyoti Sonu Brahma

Farm2Food Foundation

Deep is working to reshape the negative attitude of young people toward agriculture by integrating a learning model, that provides children a hands-on experience to farming and the agricultural...

Deepti Raju


Are providing non- formal education in rural India. Their program includes environmental awareness, health, sanitation and agricultural innovations. It is mainly working in the fields of Education...

Dilip Banerjee

Individual Dilip Banerjee

Dilip Banerjee is integrating disaster relief into the long-term management of local needs and resources. His approach represents an important shift in thinking about disaster management, and...

Dipendra Manocha


Blind since childhood, Dipendra Manocha has used technology to build a communications and training infrastructure that enables the disabled to put their abilities to work alongside other citizens...

E K Shaji

Jodo Gyan

Shaji is building critical thinking and problem-solving capacities in children, by enabling teachers and government administrators to innovate curriculum and pedagogy for this.

Eldred Tellis

Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust

Eldred Tellis develops targeted and sustained interventions for the drug user community on the streets of Mumbai. His programs provide better healthcare and treatment facilities, offer counselling...

Gangadhar Patil

101 Reporters

Gangadhar is triggering the network effect in media, by building a technology platform that connects rural reporters to national and international news publishers.

Gaurang Raval


Gaurang is building a national movement, led by youth, to transform young people to active citizens and build a nation they want to live in, where they can achieve their aspirations. Through...

George Abraham

SCORE Foundation

George Abraham is helping the visually impaired reach their full potentials. His Vision Enhancement Center provides blind and seeing impaired patients with the counseling, support, and training...

Hasina Kharbhih

Impulse Social Enterprises

Hasina Kharbhih created the nationally and internationally acknowledged Impulse Model, a comprehensive tracking system that successfully brings together the state government, security agencies,...

Haushala Prasad Mishra

Kamdar Swasthya Suraksha Mandal

Haushala Prasad Mishra is spearheading a workers' movement in India for occupational safety from his position as a textile worker. He has also been instrumental in uncovering and disseminating...

Hilmi Quraishi

Co-Founder & Chief learning Technology Officer

The use of mobile gaming for the dual purpose of education and entertainment is a new idea in India. Hilmi Quraishi is using mobile telephony to bring important public health messages to the...

Indrani Malkani

V Citizens Action Network

As more Indians migrate to cities, local municipalities are struggling to effectively respond to cities growing challenges. To prepare for future mega cities, Indrani is developing new...

Indu Capoor


In 1992 Indu Capoor started Centre for Health Education Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA) in Ahmedabad. CHETNA works to promote the health, rights and empowerment of women, girls, children...

Ishita Chaudhry

The Youth Parliament Foundation (TYPF)

Ishita Chaudhry is ridding Indian society of the deeply held premise that youth should have little or no say in matters of policy or implementation of ideas that directly impact their lives....

J. M. Sampath

Arpitha- Associates Pvt.Ltd.

J.M. Sampath is setting out to make psychology increasingly a part of the average Indian's skills. Since modern values depend on people being able to empathize with and thereby understand the...

J.M Sampath

Arpitha - Associates Pvt.Ltd.

J.M. Sampath is setting out to make psychology increasingly a part of the average Indian's skills. Since modern values depend on people being able to empathize with and thereby understand the...

Janardhana Gungurumale

Jnana Sagara Naave Trust

G.L. Janardhana is a long-time organizer and activist farmer who now seeks to persuade other farmers to convert waste land into agriculturally productive land. He is using apiculture and...